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Lowther | Walker are accomplished federal criminal defense attorneys that serve all 50 states. Their practice focuses on the representation of persons and corporations that have been accused or convicted of committing federal crimes. The practice is well known for the successful defense of a $1.4 billion health care fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering conspiracy (the largest health care fraud case that DOJ has ever prosecuted) in early 2023.

Lowther | Walker turned to Savvy Search Marketing for help with their Google Ads campaigns that we generating a high Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and a very low quality of leads.

“IN JUST 2 MONTHS, the number of monthly leads INCREASED by 94%, while the QUALITY of the leads improved dramatically. This was using the same budget.”

The improvement actually started in month one, with an excellent Savvy landing page, supported by very focused Google Ads campaigns. The impact on the practice was so clear and significant, that Lowther | Walker soon transferred all their other digital marketing, including the website and Search Engine Optimization, to Savvy Search Marketing.

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Savvas Kyriakides is a passionate entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Strategist. His ability to quickly grasp and understand many different business models and verticals combined with his passion for digital marketing and strategy, enables him and his team to execute sharp, focused and measurable action plans for Savvy clients.

Savvas is a keen chess player, having played chess at international level as a student and young adult. This included participation in three World Chess Olympiads and a World Chess Junior Championship. Savvas has applied his chess skills involving strategy, focus, concentration and understanding of the competition to digital marketing. Every move is connected and measurable.