Using Core Elements Can Help Boost Your Search Marketing Efforts


So you used the coupon for the free ads that your web host and Google provided when you signed up. You posted a couple of keyword ads and nothing happened.

You got those first couple of emails: Your ad has been viewed 30 times, There were 0 clicks.

Those emails are good news (you still have money to spend in the account) and bad news (you are not sure whether this is going to be worth the effort). There is more good news. You can get help and you can get results from your search marketing.

Successful pay-per-click marketing campaigns depend on several core elements:

  • Targeting the audience you want to reach.
  • Optimizing your ads to reach that market.
  • Using the right metrics to measure and analyze your campaigns.
  • Monitoring the performance of those ads.
  • Making changes and adjustments to emphasize those that are working and modifying those that are not.

Employing these key steps will make a world of difference in your PPC marketing campaigns.

The digital world is never static which means your marketing efforts have to be fluid. You have to be ready to react. You have to have a plan with well-defined objectives that has flexibility.

When you have a good grasp on the essential elements needed to maximize your PPC campaigns, your chances of success increase dramatically.

If you want to start getting those emails that show the click counter going up or want to learn more about how SEM can help you grow your business, contact us.

Savvas Kyriakides is a passionate entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Strategist. His ability to quickly grasp and understand many different business models and verticals combined with his passion for digital marketing and strategy, enables him and his team to execute sharp, focused and measurable action plans for Savvy clients.

Savvas is a keen chess player, having played chess at international level as a student and young adult. This included participation in three World Chess Olympiads and a World Chess Junior Championship. Savvas has applied his chess skills involving strategy, focus, concentration and understanding of the competition to digital marketing. Every move is connected and measurable.