Location Insertion For Responsive Search Ads Now Available In Google Ads


Google Ads has introduced a new feature whereby we can customize our ads to match our user’s location or area of interest with location insertion. This enables us to create responsive search ads (RSAs) which highlight a location in the ad text where our products or services are offered. It is possible to create headlines like “Serving NJ: Princeton” or descriptions such as “The XYZ Immigration Lawyer, Serving Entire New Jersey Including Princeton” if the user is searching from Princeton or is interested in services or products in Princeton.

The Advantages of Using Location Insertion in RSAs

The most important advantage of this feature is that we can customize each ad according to the user’s location or area of interest. The second advantage is that ad account managers won’t have to upload countless rows and manage an ad customizer file. We can simply and efficiently customize our ads with the city, state, or country our user is located or interested in.

In the past, if we wanted to target specific areas, we had to create ad groups for each location and write individual headlines with the location name. However, now we can just insert a code in our ad headline to target a specific city, state or country – clean and simple!

Headline code: Free Shipping to {LOCATION(City)} is the example for City insertion.

Details About Location Insertion Set Up 

Like any keyword insertion feature we need to apply proper capitalization when inserting our code in our ad headline and consider the character limit since if the location exceeds that limit it won’t appear. Google Ads has also set certain guidelines as to how we can apply the code, for example, we can only create 1 headline with the location insertion code and up to 2 in our descriptions. We also have to keep in mind that we will need at least 3 more headlines in our RSA without location insertion.

Finally, the locations which can appear in our insertion code are elected from our campaign’s location targeting. Consequently, we have to ensure that our campaign location targeting is set up correctly.

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