Do You Need A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency?

Savvy Search Marketing is Your Full Service Digital Marketing Agency - Boost your online presence

No matter the size of your business, today, you need to have an online presence, if you want to survive and keep growing. Digital marketing can help you promote your brand and drive sales. With the development of smartphones, it’s easier for people to search and find the products and services they need. For example, according to research, mobile commerce sales reached $359.32 billion in 2021, this is an increase of 15.2% over 2020. It is expected that by 2025, retail mobile commerce sales will more than double to reach $728.28 billion. Consequently, businesses need a full service digital marketing agency that will manage and develop all aspects of a business’s online presence. 

The Goal of a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

A full service digital marketing agency has different teams of experts which focus on paid advertising such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), design and website development, content writing, social media management, and SEO. Consequently, the goal of a full service digital marking is to develop a holistic strategy for a company. They help their clients establish their “Key Performance Indicators” or KPIs and track them to ensure that your marketing strategy is on track. If for some reason your KPIs indicate that the progress made is not satisfactory then each team of experts will try to find solutions to reach the desired performance levels.

How Savvy Search Marketing Provides Full Service Digital Marketing  

When Savvy Search Marketing was established in 2005, it specialized in Search Marketing and Pay Per Click Management. Today, we also provide related services such as WordPress responsive website development, landing page development, search engine optimization (SEO),  non-PPC online marketing, hosting, domain registration, and much more. 

Our mission, as a full service digital marketing agency, is to help our clients improve their online presence; get targeted and measurable traffic; and increase their conversions (sales, signups, etc). In short, we help our clients grow their business, which in turn, grows our business. We will make sure that wherever people are searching, regardless of the device, our teams of experts will ensure that your business receives maximum exposure at the lowest possible price. 

Our years of experience and research have also provided us with a solid understanding of how consumers decide thus helping turn consumer intent into conversions. Savvy Search Marketing is results focused, hence we provide our clients with measurable results that increase their ROI.

Our Clients

Savvy Search Marketing Ltd is dedicated to providing custom digital marketing solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Although Savvy Search Marketing initially served businesses in Surrey and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, it has expanded to a client base throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Client satisfaction is extremely high, rated #1 in North America by Trustpilot in the Media & Marketing – Search Engine category, and A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Savvy Search Marketing is very proud that its PPC campaigns are the primary source of non-referral-based leads for many of its clients.

Our hands-on approach to digital marketing management ensures that our clients’ campaigns never stagnate or lose focus. Our goal is to make sure that our clients’ investments will more than pay for themselves. Our clients quickly experience increases in their conversion rates as a result of our campaigns. See what they have to say.

Your Customers

Savvy Search Marketing develops digital advertising campaigns that are highly targeted so that they reach only people interested in your products and services who reside in your target area which is designated by a geographic radius or boundary. However, if you need to advertise internationally, we can use Google Ads to target your ads in about 40 different languages, throughout more than 190 countries. Whether your ads are displayed locally or internationally, they are only displayed to people seeking information related to the keywords you’ve selected. Therefore, instead of looking for an audience, you’ve got an audience that’s looking for you. Our certified PPC specialists also create ad copy informing your prospective customers exactly what you can do for them to maximize the quality of leads you receive.

Additionally, we can provide you with Intergrade Call Tracking so that all calls you receive can be measured and recorded according to the source of the visitor (i.e. via Google Ads or organic search results) with some truly amazing statistics. The information gathered from Call Tracking can significantly improve the performance of PPC campaigns and any other online (and offline) marketing.

Once you attract potential customers to your website, the other half of the battle is converting the targeted visitors that reach your website. We help identify improvements that will lead to more positive visitor engagement, resulting in stronger conversions. These improvements are things like a well-placed call to action, layout and menu structure, better forms, or additional means of engagement such as LiveChat. Not only do we get traffic to your website, but we help you generate more leads and sales.

For more information about what Savvy Search Marketing can do for your business, contact us online or call 1-855-488-0988 today. Our full service digital marketing agency provides a satisfaction-guaranteed service designed to competitively maintain your online presence no matter what your budget is. Ready to take your marketing to the next level and dominate online? Contact Savvy Search Marketing to book your FREE SEM/SEO consultation and evaluation today!

Savvas Kyriakides is a passionate entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Strategist. His ability to quickly grasp and understand many different business models and verticals combined with his passion for digital marketing and strategy, enables him and his team to execute sharp, focused and measurable action plans for Savvy clients.

Savvas is a keen chess player, having played chess at international level as a student and young adult. This included participation in three World Chess Olympiads and a World Chess Junior Championship. Savvas has applied his chess skills involving strategy, focus, concentration and understanding of the competition to digital marketing. Every move is connected and measurable.