Are PPC Ads For Optometrists Effective?

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Are you searching for the most cost-effective way to reach the maximum number of potential customers for your optometry practice? Today, the majority of consumers use their smartphones to search for whatever services or products they need in their local area – this, of course, includes optometrists. The most effective way to reach these people and get them into your optometry practice is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for optometrists using platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. 

Many optometrists have found that PPC advertising on the major search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) is a very effective way of generating leads and new clients. You can use Google Ads to differentiate your practice from other optometrists in your local area, becoming more visible and attractive to potential clients.

What’s more, PPC ads can be easily tracked, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and make adjustments as needed. Investing in PPC Google Ads can be the best way for you to increase your visibility by gaining access to the top of search engine results and reaching more potential customers. In order to achieve these results you need to get your PPC campaigns highly optimized, relevant, focused, and results-oriented. This will give you a far higher Return On Investment (ROI) on your PPC dollar spend.

How To Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

To optimize your PPC campaigns, start by researching and understanding your target audience so you can offer them solutions for their “pain points.” You also have to identify the best keywords to use and make sure they are relevant and link them to relevant landing pages with the proper call-to-action messages. Another thing to keep in mind is to track results and adjust your strategy accordingly. Naturally, you need to keep your budget in mind and strive to get the most out of every click by continuously monitoring and optimizing your PPC campaigns.

Use Relevant Optometrist Keywords

Understanding different keywords “nuances” can save you a lot of money. Research and selection of relevant keywords are crucial, especially considering how expensive some optometrist keywords can be. At Savvy Search Marketing, our experience has shown that using long-tail keywords (phrases with three or more words) can be very effective, as well as maintaining a list of negative keywords so that your ads are not shown to the wrong audience.

You can control the cost of your PPC ad campaigns by focusing on quality traffic. This means targeting those who are more likely to click on your ad and convert. This can be done by avoiding general or broad match keywords such as “optometrist” or “eye care.” Instead, you can use longer and more specific keywords that are related to your niche and local area. For example, if you are optometry practice is in Vancouver, you should be using keywords like “best optometrist Vancouver” or “optometrist near me.” Longer and more specific keyword phrases will have a lower Cost Per Click and the quality of traffic will be significantly higher.

Target The Correct Geographic Area

Google Ads has various means of geographic targeting, including targeting by city and/or radius, especially if your city is very large. How large of an area you target may depend on your budget. For example, the smaller the budget the more limited your targeting area should be. It’s crucial to get this right and to identify your business as local. This can be done by incorporating your city or neighbourhood name within your ads, as well as having a local phone number.

Campaign Structure and Call-To-Action

Optometrist PPC ads are often too general. It is recommended practice to separate the campaign into different ad groups with relevant landing pages. For example, Vision Exams should be a separate ad group from Eyeglasses and Frames to help maintain relevant and higher-quality ads which will be more competitive and appear above your competitors – ideally at the top of the first page of search results. 

Also, have a clear and attractive call-to-action (CTA) where possible (e.g. Get 20% off on Frames). Your CTA should grab the attention of your potential customers and encourage them to continue through your sales funnel. That’s why you need to keep your CTAs simple and to the point by using action verbs (e.g. book, call, buy, shop

Why Choose Google Ads?

According to Forbes, for small businesses like optometry practices that need to generate leads, it would be making a great mistake to start off with SEO. In order to create long-term brand awareness, Forbes suggests that you should begin with an aggressive Google Ads campaign since it will provide you with a much higher.

Here are some of the most important benefits of Google Ads which make it ideal for optometrists:

  • World’s most powerful Search Engine
  • High visibility on the Top Page of Google for prospective clients searching for your optometry services
  • Stop wasting money on traditional media (newspapers, flyers, radio, TV, etc)
  • You only pay when people click through to your website 
  • Customized Geographic Targeting – only target your potential customers
  • Powerful Reporting since it easily integrates with Google Analytics
  • Easily adjustable budget
  • Measure ROI with Conversion Tracking
  • Successful Google Ads campaigns can be similarly set up in Microsoft Advertising (Bing PPC, Yahoo PPC)
  • You can reach your prospective clients at the time when they need you

Why Optometrists Use Savvy Search Marketing for PPC Advertising

If you choose to manage your own Google Ads campaigns, you must be prepared to gain a great deal of knowledge and experience to achieve your desired outcomes. Because of this, most optometrists tend to hire a Google Ads Management agency such as Savvy Search Marketing. Agencies that are more experienced and successful will usually charge higher management fees, but offer a higher ROI. 

At Savvy Search Marketing we offer you:

  • Years of experience in managing PPC accounts for optometrists
  • Transparent, and fair pricing
  • Maximum the impact of your PPC budget
  • Google Ads Certified Partner as well as Microsoft Ads Partner (Bing/ Yahoo)
  • Custom and personal service – we do not outsource
  • Our PPC Services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No long-term contracts – our management is on a monthly basis

For more information about what the Savvy Google Ads management team can do for your optometry practice, contact us online or call 1-855-488-0988 today. Our full-service digital marketing agency provides a satisfaction-guaranteed service designed to competitively maintain your online presence no matter what your budget is. Ready to take your marketing to the next level and dominate online? Contact Savvy Search Marketing to book your FREE SEM/SEO consultation and evaluation today. You run your law firm. Let Savvy run your Google Ads Management and online presence!

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