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Everywhere at once – July 20, 2016

The first day of activities at Adam’s Camp is a lot like the duck who looks calm on the surface smoothly crossing the lake – while the duck glides you do not see the chaos going on underwater as he paddles like crazy with his big feet going every which way. The first day of [...]

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Refresh and Renew – July 13, 2016

The first day of each week of Adam’s Camp, I have the pleasure of welcoming our therapy families at a reception after they check in and each week I stress how honored the staff is for the families to take the step of turning over their most precious asset, their children to us for the [...]

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The Same But Different – July 8, 2016

Anybody who has children or brothers or sisters knows that even though they may share the same blood and share some physical similarities, most often they have striking differences, making them as different as night and day. Here at Adam’s Camp, each of the five weeks of a summer session are like our five different [...]

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