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Therapy Family Camps

Each week-long therapy family camp provides intensive, multi-disciplinary therapies for children with developmental delays or disabilities, as well as activities and support for parents and siblings to unwind and re-energize in a supportive and caring environment.

How Therapy Family Camps Work

Dedicated teams of therapists focus on each child’s strengths to provide goal-directed, outcome-based treatment. Synergy, focus, and extensive time dedicated specifically to enhancing skills make this a unique and powerful intervention. Children often achieve significant developmental, functional and behavioral gains that can be further developed and sustained long after camp ends.

Siblings form relationships with others who share their experience while parents network, gain resources, rest and rejuvenate. In short, the whole family realizes potentials and develops strengths.

We are a great match for individuals with developmental disabilities that affect language, mobility, learning, and/or daily living skills. Adam’s Camp is not a match for those whose primary diagnoses are emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric disorders.


  • 5 consecutive days of intensive, individualized therapy for the child with special needs
  • Multidisciplinary professional therapy team working together on identified goals
  • Comprehensive digital clinical report developed which outlines goals, strategies, outcomes and recommendations
  • Individualized parent conferences with the therapy team on the final day of camp
  • Optional parent presentations and activities as well as opportunities to network and connect
  • Optional sibling camp
  • Scholarships available

Therapy Family Camps

Early Start Therapy

Ages 1-4

Pathfinder Therapy

Ages 5+

Explorer Therapy

Ages 7+

Trailblazer Therapy

Ages 8+

Pioneer Therapy

Ages 9+

Therapy Family Camps vary with the age, needs and abilities of our Campers. All siblings of Therapy Family Program campers ages one year and older are eligible to apply and participate in Sibling Camp for a nominal fee.

Early Start Therapy (ages 1-4)

5 Half-Days – 4 Therapists – 4 Campers – 2 Volunteers

Early Start is a half-day intensive therapy program appropriate for children ages 1 – 4 held in the metro-Denver area. Specific locations vary. Teams of four pediatric therapists including speech, physical, occupational and music therapists along with two volunteers work with four children, providing three hours of daily one-on-one therapy for five consecutive days. Networking, support and educational offerings are provided for parents during the therapy day. Childcare is available for siblings for an additional fee.

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Adam's Camp Intensive Therapy Early Start for young children ages 0-4 years
Adam's Camp intensive therapy family camp at YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch

Pathfinder Therapy (ages 5+)

5 Days – 5 Therapists – 5 Campers – 2 Volunteers

Campers receive daily one-on-one, intensive, team-based therapy provided by a team of five therapists made up of speech, occupational, physical, art, behavioral and/or music therapists with the precise team make-up determined by the specific needs of the children. Each therapy day includes one or two therapist-supported outside group activity such as swimming or therapeutic horseback riding.

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Explorer Therapy (ages 7+)

5 Days – 5 Therapists – 5 Campers – 2 Volunteers

Explorers will benefit from all the elements of Pathfinder Therapy while focusing more on building independence, developing social skills, and making transitions. The Explorer program is a hybrid of the Pathfinder and Trailblazer camps and is intended to help campers develop the skills to become Trailblazers.

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Adam's Camp Intensive Therapy Family Camp at YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch
Adam's Camp Intensive Therapy Family Camp at YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch

Trailblazer Therapy (ages 8+)

5 Days – 4 Therapists – 5 Campers – 2 Volunteers – 1 Overnight

An activity-based, “therapy-on-the-go” program where campers take part in therapist-guided activities such as canoeing, therapeutic horseback riding, low ropes obstacle course and field trips that help build self-confidence, independence, and social skills. A one-night sleepover with their team of campers and therapists adds fun and builds independence. Campers receive both small group and one-on-one therapy throughout the week.

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Pioneer Therapy (ages 9+)

5 Days – 3 Therapists – 8 Campers – 2 Volunteers – 3 Overnights

Campers benefit from an activity-based therapeutic approach to building and increasing independence, self-confidence, and social skills. This program is designed for campers with a higher degree of independence. Campers stay the first two nights with their families, and then spend the remaining three nights with their team. Under the guidance of dedicated therapists and specialists, this three night sleep-over allows campers a more concentrated, comprehensive focus on their goals and enhanced independence. Parents are required to remain on campus or in close proximity for the duration of the Pioneer camp session.

* This program is not eligible for health insurance coverage or Flexible/Health Spending Account Statements.

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Adam's Camp intensive therapy Pioneer camp for active, higher independent campers.

Have questions about Therapy Family Camps?

Consult with the Therapy Program Director by email or at 303-563-8290 for assistance in determining which camp is most appropriate for your camper.

Are you interested in being an Adam’s Camp Therapist? Adam’s Camp Therapists Share their Experience in this video.

Sibling Camp

All siblings of Therapy Program campers ages one year and older are eligible to register and participate in sibling camp for a nominal fee. Sibling camp provides an opportunity for siblings to experience a special sense of belonging and meaningful opportunities to connect with one another through recreation as well as facilitated discussions while enjoying age-appropriate camp activities such as swimming, hiking or visiting the tubing hill.

Sibling camp schedules coordinate with therapy schedules to allow parents the opportunity to participate in parent presentations/activities or to enjoy some recreation and respite while all children are busy and engaged.

Sibling Camp participants are grouped by age.

Registration for sibling programs and payment of a nominal fee are required in order to participate.

Therapy Family Camp Dates & Locations

Early Start Therapy Camp

Spring – March 25-30, 2018, Greenwood Village
Summer – July 22 – 27, 2018
Fall – Dates and Location, TBD

Mountain Therapy Family Camp
(Pathfinder, Explorer, Trailblazer & Pioneer)
at Snow Mountain Ranch, Granby, Colorado

June 17 – 22, 2018 – Developmental Delays/Disorders
June 24 – 29, 2018 – Autism Spectrum Disorders
July 8 -13, 2018 – Developmental Delays/Disorders
July 15 – 20, 2018 – Down Syndrome
July 29 – August 3, 2018 -Developmental Delays/Disorders

Note – Campers with autism spectrum disorders and Down syndrome are not restricted to the designated weeks and may apply for any week

Check-in is on Sunday.
Programming continues through the final afternoon so families may want to arrange lodging that includes that final night (6 nights total).

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Therapy Family Camp Rates & Funding

Camp YOUR Cost Subsidized by Adam’s Camp Total Cost Deposit Apply for Insurance? Apply for Scholarship?
Early Start $1,400 $1,400 $2,800 $100 Yes Yes
Pathfinder* $2,900 $2,200 $5,100 $200 Yes Yes
Explorer* $2,900 $2,200 $5,100 $200 Yes Yes
Trailblazer* $2,900 $2,200 $5,100 $200 Yes Yes
Pioneer* $2,600 $2,000 $4,600 $200 No Yes

*Sibling Camp – The fee for the optional sibling camp is $250 per child for full day programs (Pathfinder, Explorer, Trailblazer, and Pioneer) which includes all child care and activity fees for the week. The fee for the optional sibling program is $50 for Early Start.

*Program fees do not include lodging (necessary for our mountain-based Therapy Family Camps).

Therapy Family Camp Payment Schedule & Cancellation Policy

A deposit in the amount of $100.00 is required at the time application for camp is submitted. This deposit secures a spot for your camper and is non-refundable.

January 15: $650
February 15: $650

April 15: $650
May 15: $650

August 15: $650
September 15: $650

A late fee in the amount of $50 will be charged if completed camp forms are not received by your assigned paperwork due date.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND (applies to above payment schedule)
Camp deposit : Non refundable
Cancellation prior to final payment date: $300 may be applied to future session*
Cancellation after final payment date: No refund or carry forward to future session
*Amount not carried over to future session will be forfeited

A deposit in the amount of $200.00 is required at the time your application for camp is submitted. This deposit secures a spot for your camper and is non-refundable.


Pathfinder, Explorer, Trailblazer Pioneer
March 15 $900
April 15 $900
May 15 $900
March 15 $800
April 15 $800
May 15 $800
Lodging: Billed through Snow Mountain Ranch

A late fee in the amount of $50 will be charged if completed camp forms are not received by your assigned paperwork due date.

CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS (applies to above payment schedule)
Camp deposit: Non-refundable
Cancellation prior to April 15 $500 may be applied to future session* ($400 for Pioneer)
Cancellation April 15- May 30 $900 may be applied to future session* ($800 for Pioneer)
Cancellation after June 1 No refund or carry forward to future session
*Amount not carried over to future session will be forfeited

Scholarships and Additional Funding Resources

The team at Adam’s Camp recognizes that families of those with special needs already have extra challenges and extra expenses. We want to ensure that participation in the programs of Adam’s Camp is possible for every family, regardless of financial or insurance status.  We do this by…

  • Charging tuition that represents only about 50% of actual program costs
  • Providing over $60,000 each year in additional funds to families in need of greater assistance through our scholarship program
  • Acting as a liaison between our families and their health insurance plans to explore coverage options
  • Connecting families with outside organizations that may contribute to a family’s tuition
  • Working with Community-Centered Boards (CCB) to explore potential agency funding

We encourage families to contact the Adam’s Camp team regarding financial support options and to apply for scholarship funding. Adam’s Camp awards scholarships for partial support of tuition fees based numerous considerations, not just financial need.

In addition to applying for an Adam’s Camp scholarship, you may want to seek funding from other sources.

  1. Beginning in January, Scholarship applications are available to registered campers as a link on your camp registration site, CampBrain
  2. Complete scholarship application and submit requested documents listed at end of scholarship application
  3. Final scholarship awards are made in late April. For information prior to that time, please contact the Scholarship Manager at 303-563-8290

Adam’s Camp does not endorse any of these organizations, and it is your responsibility to research and apply where appropriate.

  • Private Health Insurance: For our therapy programs we are happy to inquire with your insurance carrier about possible coverage for therapy services received. Please contact Adam’s Camp Insurance Coordinator at 303-563-8290.
  • Agency Funding: Check with your Community Centered Board Resource Coordinator to see if there is possible funding through family support monies, Medicaid waiver programs, or end-of-year funds. Find your Community Centered Board by selecting the county in which you reside:
  • United Healthcare Children’s Foundation: For children 16 years or younger. Families must meet economic guidelines, reside in the US and be covered by a commercial health insurance policy. Grants up to $5,000 for health care services not covered by commercial health insurance.
  • National Autism Association – Helping Hand: For families of children with autism who are in financial crisis. US residents with a child on the autism spectrum, birth to 18. Max request: $1,500.
  • Similar grants may be offered to families by Act-Today for Autism:
    Additional autism family grant opportunities may be found at
  • Danielle’s Foundation: For children 18 yrs and younger with cerebral palsy or brain injury for assistance towards therapy, treatment or equipment. Awards based on need are given out four times per year, one family each time.
  • Friends of Man: Request for funding needs to be made by 3rd party.
  • Kevin Patrick Hands to Angels Foundation: Assists families dealing with the mounting medical bills and lost wages due to complications of a genetic disorder.
  • Some families have received support from Faith-based communities as well as local service organizations such as Kiwanis, Sertoma, Rotary.

Please contact the Adam’s Camp Therapy Program Director at 303-563-8290 or by email with questions.

Lodging While at Camp

Families participating in Therapy Family Camps at Snow Mountain Ranch need to arrange lodging for their camp session. While many prefer to stay on site at Snow Mountain Ranch for the convenience, available facilities, and activities, this is not required. Some families choose to stay off-site but nearby. Nearby towns that may have available lodging along with their approximate distance from Snow Mountain Ranch include:

For families choosing to stay off-site, YMCA of the Rockies requires a $175 YMCA activities fee for use of Snow Mountain Ranch facilities (such as swimming, miniature golf, etc.), which will be added to your final invoice.

Families that choose to stay on-site at Snow Mountain Ranch arrange lodging directly through YMCA of the Rockies – Snow Mountain Ranch. Snow Mountain Ranch will set aside a block of 2 and 3 bedroom cabins at the Adam’s Camp discounted member rate. In April, families will be assigned a group reservation number to secure a reservation directly with Snow Mountain Ranch. If you are in need of lodging outside of this reserved block, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

In addition to two and three bedroom cabins, other lodging options may be available at Snow Mountain Ranch. They may include: additional days outside of camp dates, four or five bedroom cabins, vacation homes, lodge rooms, camp sites, or yurts. Snow Mountain Ranch will offer Adam’s Camp families a discounted rate for all lodging options.  Contact YMCA of the Rockies – Snow Mountain Ranch to discuss options, availability and rates. Snow Mountain Ranch will require a deposit of 35% of the total lodging cost upon the time of reservation in April in order to secure your lodging preference.