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Work / Volunteer with Adam’s Camp

Spend a week or more working at Adam’s Camp helping individuals with developmental disabilities and their families realize their potentials and develop their strengths. You just might find you’ve developed your own strengths too.

Work at Camp

Adam’s Camp provides a unique opportunity for counselors, therapists and other professionals interested in meaningful, challenging work to grow and contribute to something that has had a lasting impact on thousands of children with special needs and their families for over thirty years.


Our Therapy Family Camp uses a unique 5-5-5 therapy model, meaning teams of five therapists work one-on-one with five children for five consecutive days. Therapists focus on each child’s strengths to provide goal-directed, outcome-based treatment. Synergy, focus, and extensive time dedicated specifically to working on enhancing skills make this a unique and powerful intervention. Children often achieve significant developmental, functional and behavioral gains that can be further developed and sustained.

Our therapists revel in seeing measurable results in our campers in just one week, as well as the great professional growth opportunities that develop from working closely on a multidisciplinary team.

Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Music Therapist, Art Therapist, Social Worker, School Psychologist, Special Educator, Recreation Therapist, Adaptive Physical Educator

Status: Seasonal Employee | Reports to: Therapy Program Director | Salary: Based on experience

Job Summary

Work on a multi-disciplinary team providing therapy in an intense, week-long program for children with special needs and their families. Therapists earn a weekly salary based on experience. Food and lodging for the week are included. Contact the Therapy Director for salary range. The camp week runs Monday through Sunday.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide multi-disciplinary therapy to the children on your team during the five-day camp week. Therapy begins at 8:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm daily for the mountain-based Therapy Family Camps. Therapy begins at 9:00 and ends at 12:00 noon for Early Start Therapy Family Camps.
  • Actively participate in afternoon/evening team conferencing, documenting, updating and finalizing goals for each child on your team.
  • Uphold the highest clinical, ethical and safety standards as a therapist.
  • Attend Orientation prior to camp session (new staff and team leads only) and Orientation on the first day of your camp session.
  • Thoroughly review camper background information, making notes as needed, prior to camp.
  • Conduct a pre-camp call to the family you are assigned at least one week prior to the camp session, confirm with team lead that you have completed the call, and share all information on your assigned camper with your team on the first day of camp.
  • Work with your team to compose preliminary therapy goals documenting parent priorities.
  • Arrive at your therapy space at least 30 minutes before the start of each therapy day.
  • Document on a daily basis brief, clinically-based treatment notes on each child on your team.
  • Construct a report for one child on the team, which will be presented as a team at individual family conferences at the end of the camp session.
  • Participate in family conferences with parents of all children on your team. Conferences are scheduled during a five-hour session following the last day of therapy.


  • Excellent communication capability
  • Highly organized
  • Capable of working on a team
  • Goal-oriented
  • Familiarity with all disciplines of therapy we offer
  • Demonstrate experience with and/or a strong willingness to learn about populations we serve


  • Master’s Degree preferred in specific discipline (Physical, Occupational, Speech-Language, Music and Art therapies, Social Work, School Psychology, Special Education, Recreation Therapy, Adaptive Physical Education, Psychology)
  • Clinical Pediatric and/or Youth Experience
  • Appropriate licensure/certification in specific discipline
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Adventure Camp Counselors

Our Adventure Camp Counselors provide an opportunity for our campers to experience the joys of a sleep-away camp. They are responsible for providing personal care and supervision to youth and young adults with disabilities to ensure a quality camp experience in a safe and supported environment.

Our counselors experience meaningful, challenging teamwork, build relationships and develop leadership skills, all while having great fun alongside the campers.

Status: Seasonal Employee | Reports to: Adventure Program Director | Salary: Based on experience

Job Summary

The Camp Counselor is responsible for providing personal care and supervision to youth and young adults with disabilities in our Adventure Camp program to ensure a quality camp experience. Lodging and meals are provided. Programs take place at YMCA of the Rockies – Snow Mountain Ranch located 2 hours from Denver, CO. Counselor must secure reliable transportation to and from camp. Counselors earn a weekly salary based on experience. Contact the Adventure Programs Director for salary range information.


  • Provide 24-hour care and supervision for campers with disabilities in a group-living environment.
  • Supervise and assist with personal needs of campers, including but not limited to meals, toileting, showering, personal hygiene and transfers.
  • Be responsible for assuring the safety, personal, physical, and emotional state of all campers according to the written Adam’s Camp Safety Protocol.
  • Accompany and encourage campers in scheduled recreational and instructional activities.
  • Develop activities to engage campers during free time.
  • Attend Orientation(s) and trainings both in Denver and at camp.
  • Prior to camp, thoroughly review Background Information and Health Profiles on all campers in your group.
  • Review and implement pre-camp call protocols which include individual calls to families prior to camp.
  • Participate in a phone conference with your Co-Counselor(s) after completing the pre-camp correspondence to review each child.
  • Attend cabin meetings.
  • Complete written reports as required.
  • Housekeeping duties as assigned.
  • Responsible for the health and safety conditions of campers and fellow staff members.
  • Report all injuries and illnesses immediately to Camp Nurse.
  • Provide a clear example of the Adam’s Camp culture and values with parents, volunteers, siblings, campers and staff and ensure the safety of sibs and volunteers at all times.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

  • An ability to work with children and young adults (with disabilities preferred)
  • Ability to work with co-counselor and volunteers as a cohesive team
  • The ability to confidently and thoughtfully direct and supervise volunteers
  • Ability to be adaptable and flexible
  • Must have current CPR and First Aid certification by the time camp starts
  • Ability to meet physical requirements of position including lifting up to 50 lbs., bending, squatting, twisting, reaching overhead, walking on wet surfaces,
  • Long hours standing, and working in extreme temperatures
  • Must be highly organized
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills

Credentials & Experience:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age to apply
  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree preferred
  • At least two years of related experience with youth and young adults with developmental disabilities
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Catching great photos at Adam's Camp

Camp Support Staff

Adam’s Camp summer programs consist of five one-week sessions, held June-August at the YMCA of the Rockies – Snow Mountain Ranch, located two hours from Denver.  Our support staff positions are valued and vital to the smooth operation of our programs.  Accommodations and meals are provided. See job details below.

Job Summary:

The Camp Cook is responsible for preparing meals and stocking pantries for Adam’s Camp staff, campers and volunteers during a five-week period at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, CO. Cook will have total responsibility for securing adequate supplies and equipment to complete meal preparations either through direct purchases or through a coordinated ordering process. This position will also oversee cleaning and maintenance tasks required for the kitchen and dining areas. The camp week runs Sunday – Saturday.

Credentials & Experience:

  • Minimum 6 months experience planning and preparing meals for groups larger than 50.
  • Experience must include leadership of staff personnel and direct customer contact.
  • Candidate must have demonstrated ability to adapt in changing environments.

Job Summary:

The Camp Nurse is responsible for providing basic health assessments and First Aid treatments to campers with special needs and our staff in the Adventure Camp program. On occasion, the Camp Nurse also provides assessment and First Aid to our Therapy program. The Camp Nurse’s responsibilities run from Sunday through Friday.

Credentials & Experience:

  • Minimum age of 21 years, with experience
  • Registered Nurse licensed to practice in the state of Colorado
  • Active CPR and First Aid certifications
  • Experience with youth and young adults, preferably with those with developmental disabilities
  • Must be in good physical and mental health; candidate should be capable of lifting, pivoting, and transferring at least 40-50 pounds safely and with good balance
  • Candidate must have demonstrated ability to adapt in changing environments

Job Summary:

The Camp Photographer is responsible for the daily documentation of the happenings at Adam’s Camp for two programs: campers in Adventure Camp, as well as family photos for our Therapy program. The Camp Photographer’s responsibilities run from Sunday through Friday.

Credentials & Experience:

  • Must be able to show a portfolio of photographs demonstrating skill level
  • A demonstrated ability to work with youth and young adults
  • Experience with individuals with developmental disabilities preferred

Job Summary:

The Sibling Camp Coordinator is responsible for the daily operation of the Sibling Camp, including the on-site orientation and supervision of all sibling volunteers, program quality and child safety. Two positions are available each session: Little Sibs, ages 1-4 and Big Sibs, ages 5 and up. The Sibling Camp Coordinator’s responsibilities run from Sunday through Friday.

Credentials & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Little Sibs, ages 1-4)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education or Master’s Degree in Social Work or related field (Big Sibs, ages 5+)
  • At least two years of related experience with children
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For more information about our Camp Support Staff positions, contact our Volunteer Program Manager.

Volunteer at Camp

If you like working with individuals with special needs, have an outgoing, positive attitude and enjoy learning, this is for you! Summer volunteers can earn up to 100 community service hours.

Watch our video below to see what brings these volunteers back year after year.

Mountain-based Program Volunteers

Our mountain programs are held at YMCA of the Rockies – Snow Mountain Ranch and Estes Park, both located about two hours from Denver. Volunteers for these programs are in residence; accommodations and meals are provided. Volunteers need to provide their own transportation to and from camp.

Four different Therapy Family Camp programs provide multidisciplinary, intensive therapy for children with developmental disabilities ages five and older. Volunteers are in residence for six days and nights. Minimum age requirement is 16.

Teams consist of five – eight campers, three – five therapists and two volunteers, with the specific configuration determined by the specific program, age and developmental support needs of the campers. The level and frequency of outside activities varies with the program as well.

Each program provides an excellent opportunity for volunteers to be part of a multi-disciplinary team; working with and observing therapists in disciplines like Physical, Occupational, Music, Art, Behavior and Speech therapy in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in any disability-related fields.

Volunteer responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping with set-up and break-down of equipment
  • Greeting families in the morning
  • Maintaining therapy equipment and space
  • Participating in indoor and outdoor activities with the children
  • Taking pictures and editing, downloading and organizing them for therapy reports
  • Providing childcare during parent/therapist conferences
  • Conferencing with the therapists after therapy sessions and helping with therapy reports

The Siblings Camp provides exciting activities for the siblings of our Therapy family Camp program participants and is divided into groups by age. Volunteers are in residence for six days and nights. Minimum age requirement is 14.

Volunteer responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Working closely with the Sibling Camp Coordinators to provide fun and exciting activities for the kids
  • Being part of the Adventure Camp evening activities
  • Other support duties as assigned throughout the day

Adventure Camp is a sleep-away, recreation-based camp designed for youth, teens and adults with mild to moderate special needs. The emphasis of the program is on fun and adventure while building self-esteem, independence and social skills. Volunteers are in residence for six days and nights. Minimum age requirement is 16.

Volunteer responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting campers with daily living activities such as getting ready, dressing, eating, etc.
  • Participating in recreational activities such as swimming, zip line, archery, go-karts, river-rafting and more
  • Providing a safe and fun environment for the campers
  • Facilitating interaction with and between campers
  • Role modeling team behavior and interaction

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For more information about our Camp Support Staff positions, contact our Volunteer Program Manager.

Denver-based Program Volunteers

Early Start is our intensive Therapy Family Camp for children 1 to 4 years of age. Each team has four children and is staffed by four pediatric therapists and one volunteer therapy assistant.

Sessions are scheduled in spring, summer and fall at community locations in the Metro-Denver area. One-on-one therapy sessions are held Monday-Friday from 9am to 12pm. We also offer child care for siblings. Minimum age requirement is 16.

  • Help with set-up, break-down and maintenance of space
  • Greet children and families in the morning
  • Participate in activities with the children
  • Take and edit pictures, uploading and organizing them for therapy reports
  • Provide childcare during parent/therapist conferences
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For more information about our Camp Support Staff positions, contact our Volunteer Program Manager.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways Volunteers support Adam’s Camp. We invite you to find an option that fits with your time and talents.

Word of mouth is the most powerful recruitment and fundraising tool we have. Telling your story to other parents or community partners is a wonderful way to let them know about your favorite organization.

Some ways to spread the word about Adam’s Camp:

  • Visit your child’s school, special education teacher or director
  • Talk about us at your next visit at your child’s doctor’s office
  • Represent Adam’s Camp at a community event or fair
  • Meet with a supporting organization (like Autism Society)
  • Connect with a community program (like Special Olympics)

If you love Adam’s Camp, this is easy and fun. We provide the talking points and materials. You provide the energy, enthusiasm and wisdom.
Time Commitment: 1 – 8 hours.

Volunteer Program Support can include:

  • Providing care of siblings
  • Breakfast donations and breakfast set-up during Early Start
  • Equipment transport and set up or break-down

Adam’s Camp assists every participating family by subsidizing 50% of the actual cost of attending camp. That’s right: We only charge half of the actual cost, so fundraising is critical to our ability to provide life-changing intensive therapy and adventure camps.

Community volunteers work year-round to raise these funds. You can support Adam’s Camp by:

  • Serving on a special event committee
  • Volunteering at a special event
  • Create your own fundraising events though your networks of friends, work or faith communities

Our Board of Directors is a working board. Each board committee welcomes non-board members to join and work on finance, fundraising, program development, community relations, etc.
Time Commitment: 4 – 10 hours per month.

Office support is a great way to help our small staff! We can use volunteers throughout the year, Monday through Friday. Here are some of the various jobs to be done:

  • Data entry
  • Web and phone research
  • Filing
  • Mailings
  • Camp preparation projects

Time Commitment: We appreciate volunteer support for 2-4 hours per visit at our office, between 9am-5pm.

Adam’s Camp greatly benefits from service projects that are designed and/or supported by groups, such as coworkers, families or faith-based initiatives that come together to participate in a high-impact project that has a limited timeframe – anything from 2 hours to one day.

For more information or to volunteer your time and talents, contact our Volunteer Program Manager by email or at 303-563-8290.

Additional volunteer opportunities to support Adam's Camp